Hydrochlorination and TCS Purification

TCS Production Technology Solution

Existing Designs Fast-Track Project and Reduce Expense

GT Advanced Technologies offers unrivaled industry-specific experience and technical resources for the design, construction, commissioning, start-up and operation of hydrochlorination and TCS purification production facilities. Operational experience and use analysis with over twenty hydrochlorination plants demonstrates a record of achievement in safety, quality and consistency. When plant owners and investors want to develop best-in-class hydro-chlorination and purification systems, GT Advanced Technologies is well qualified as their single-point contact for reliable integration. Existing optimized plant designs reduce capital expense, improving cost control and start-up.

Advanced Thermal Heating (ATH) System

Thermal Heating (ATH) System generates the optimal temperature within a hydrochlorination fluid bed reactor (FBR) by heating the process gas prior to FBR entry. The ATH system is extremely flexible and can be designed to easily integrate into a customer’s existing hydrochlorination operation helping to debottleneck the TCS production process or it can be designed to completely replace the existing electrical heaters in construction of a new hydrochlorination facility. GT’s ATH system incorporates several novel design enhancements of the vessel and internal components that offer a significant upgrade in reliability and on-line time over traditional in-line heaters.

TCS Purification System

TCS produced in the hydrochlorination process must be purified before it is suitable as feedstock to the chemical vapor deposition (CVD) reactors. GTAT offers an production-proven TCS purification system. The system combines various separation technologies to reliably produce the highest grade TCS. The TCS purification system is capable of removing impurities such as boron, phosphorous, and metals to the sub-part-per-billion impurity level, yielding electronics-grade TCS.

Bundled Deliverables Include:

  • Basic engineering package (BEP)
  • Key equipment
  • Safety systems
  • On-site training and technical support during commissioning, start-up, and production ramp


Technology Solution


ATH System


TCS Purification System