Silicon Crystal Growth Equipment

DSS Furnace BayGT Advanced Technologies DSS silicon crystal growth furnaces are the PV industry’s trusted leader in ingot growth equipment and technology. GT offers unmatched expertise in crystal growth process and mechanical and control system design to deliver reliable and production proven systems that meet the needs of high volume solar wafer manufacturers.

Building on our DSS™ crystal growth market leadership, we are developing our HiCz™ monocrystalline system that will deliver higher performance material for next generation wafers and cells.

GT’s Silicon Crystal Growth Products Include: 

DSS Casting Furnaces

GT's DSS furnaces are the solar industry standard, with over 3,700 units shipped worldwide. The DSS architecture provides customers with an upgrade path to higher levels of productivity and performance, which lowers the cost of manufacturing high quality silicon wafers and provides a higher return on investment.

GT is also developing a next generation DSS furnace, the DSS 20M, which will continue the legacy of the DSS architecture to offer higher levels of throughput and capacity to produce higher quantities of silicon wafers at even lower costs. 

HiCz™ Monocrystalline Furnace

GT HiCz™ systems produce low-cost monocrystalline ingots for high-efficiency solar cells. GT's HiCz™ tool will be offered for the production of Ga doped ingots (p-type) and P doped ingots (n-type).