SDR™ Reactors

Reliability and Repeatability for High-Volume Manufacturing

GT Advanced Technologies chemical vapor deposition (CVD) reactors are proven, fast-rate production chambers that use the popular Siemens-type process technology to manufacture electronic grade or solar grade polysilicon. The SDR™1K offers reliability and repeatability in a low maintenance process platform, desirable for high-volume manufacturing.

Production capacity for the SDR1K reactor is greater than 1,000 MTA. The SDR1K operates at a highly efficient power consumption rate of <40 kW-hr/kg – a >10 percent cost improvement over our previous generation SDR™600. GT Advanced Technologies reactor technology is built upon years of in-depth polysilicon manufacturing systems expertise. GT’s SDR series of CVD reactors offers reliability and repeatability in a low maintenance process platform that is essential for high volume manufacturing environments.

SDR Series Reactor Capacity

  • SDR-1K over 1,000MTA

SDR Series Power Consumption 

  • < 40 kwhr/kg Si

SDR Series Reactor Bundled Deliverables 

  • CVD reactor
  • Basic engineering package (BEP) includes operation and maintenance manuals
  • Power supply and transformer
  • On-site training and support


SDR™1K CVD Reactors


Gen 2 CVD Reactor E-Upgrade