ASF® Advanced Sapphire Furnace

The GT Advanced Technologies advanced sapphire furnace (ASF) is the ideal platform for producing high-quality, large-area sapphire substrates for markets that demand the highest grade sapphire material such as the LED, consumer electronics and other precision optical and specialty markets. 

Based on over 40 years of proven sapphire production and crystalline growth process technology, the ASF combines a highly automated, low-wrist operating environment capable of producing consistently uniform sapphire boules that yield high quality material for a lower cost of ownership.

Proven Productivity and Superior Yields Deliver High Profitability

The sapphire material produced in the ASF furnace is grown in a low thermal gradient, low dress environment that provides a low-risk path to high volume sapphire production

Key Product Advantages

  • Produces largest and most consistent sizes boules for highest yield of large-area material
  • Fast A-axis, bottom-up growth producing high quality, low stress sapphire material
  • Short cycle times of 18 days for 115 Kg boules when using GT's qualified feedstock and crucible
  • Annual production capacity >100,000 TIE per furnace
  • Scalable architecture offers investment protection 
  • 40+ years of proven sapphire material production
  • Flexible crucible geometry and charge size to meet a wide range of customer requirements
  • Highly automated growth process with no moving parts for low cost, low risk operation
  • East seeding process

Learn more: ASF 115HP Datasheet