Polysilicon Processing System

Dependable Polysilicon Handling Solution that Minimizes Product Contamination

GT Advanced Technologies’ polysilicon processing system is a complete solution designed to minimize product contamination in all activities from the chemical vapor deposition (CVD) reactor harvest to final product packaging. GT’s polysilicon processing system includes all the engineering technology and equipment necessary to harvest, transport, process, and package the polysilicon rods produced in GT’s SDR series CVD reactors. The system is configured to efficiently harvest polysilicon rods up to 3,000 mm in length and 150 mm in diameter.

Polysilicon Processing System Features and Benefits:

  • Equipment size, quantities and layouts are calculated to provide appropriate capacity for reliable polysilicon processing
  • Mobile product storage containers are designed to limit product exposure during transportation from CVD reactor harvest area to final polysilicon processing
  • Product sizing and cleanroom packaging area equipment is manufactured from low contamination materials
  • User-friendly packaging includes all apparatus required for the final packaging of polysilicon product

Polysilicon Processing System Bundled Deliverables:

  • Process Flow Diagrams
  • Proposed equipment layout
  • Process equipment – rod harvester, rod transport carts, material handling equipment, product sizing equipment and product packaging equipment
  • Equipment manuals
  • Safety procedures
  • Operational procedures
  • On-site technical support
  • On-site personnel training

Polysilicon Processing System