DSS™850 Crystalline Growth System

Increased Throughput Improves Productivity by 65 PercentDSS 850

The GT Advanced Technologies DSS™ 850 is the newest member of the industry’s leading family of DSS crystallization systems. The DSS 850 sets a new standard for cost-effective, precisely controlled crystalline ingot growth and helps customers achieve lower cost of ownership and better ingot quality.

The DSS 850 can grow significantly larger silicon ingots averaging 800 kg resulting in 65 percent more output, while reducing consumable costs and optimizing the wafer- slicing process. 

GT Advanced Technologies is committed to delivering sustained value to customers and the DSS 850 delivers on this promise. Customers who operate DSS™450, DSS™450HP and DSS™650 systems can easily upgrade their furnaces to take advantage of the improved throughput of the DSS 850.

Key Benefits:

  • Furnace Output >11.5 MW per year (assumes 18% efficiency from 156 mm cell lines)
  • Ingot size: 100 x 100 cm2
  • Ingot weight: Typical 820 kg
  • Mass ingot yield (MIY) 67-73 percent (application dependent)
  • Cycle time ≤75 hours
  • Bottom-load process chamber: adds operating convenience
  • Automated and guaranteed process
  • Patented crucible-coating process
  • Lowest cost of ownership
  • >3,700 systems of experience ensures trouble-free production ramp

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