Products and Services

GT Advanced Technologies is a leading diversified technology company producing advanced materials and innovative crystal growth equipment for the global electronics, solar and LED industries. Our technical innovations accelerate the use of advanced materials, enabling a new generation of products across this diversified set of global markets. Our technologies allow our customers to lower the cost of manufacturing providing them with a high return on investment.

Our expanding foundation of products reflects our long-term commitment to R&D investment and is helping build new industries that accelerate the adoption of energy-saving technologies for a greener world.

Today, leading manufacturers around the world rely on the proven performance and reliability of our products, the unmatched support provided by our global service professionals and our role as a strategic partner. 

Our principal products are:  

  • Polysilicon Production Equipment and Services –Our suite of polysilicon production equipment and services, including our SDR™ Siemens-based reactors and hydrochlorination TCS technology and equipment, enable our customers to produce low cost, high quality polysilicon.
  • PV Ingot Growth Systems – Building on our DSS™ crystal growth market leadership, we are developing our HiCz™ monocrystalline system that will deliver higher performance material for next generation wafers and cells.
  • Power Electronics - Leveraging its deep expertise in crystal growth technologies, GT Advanced Technologies has developed a silicon carbide sublimation furnace to address the growing needs of the power electronics industry.
  • Sapphire Production Solutions – GT’s expanding sapphire product portfolio delivers the total solution for high volume sapphire manufacturing.
  • Sapphire Materials – GT produces high quality sapphire material in our Salem, Massachusetts factory for a wide range of markets that demand the highest quality material including LED, industrial, optical and specialty.
  • Advanced Thermal Processing Systems– GT offers several advanced thermal technology solutions including Spark Plasma Sintering (SPS) systems, hot press systems, high temperature production furnaces, and ARC melting furnaces, and high temperature laboratory furnaces. For a full list of these products and services click here.
  • Emerging Technologies – GT is developing production technologies for new advanced materials that will be used in next generation manufacturing in industries such as power electronics, solar and LED. We believe that our HVPE gallium nitride (GaN) systems and Hyperion™ technologies, once commercially available, will lower costs and drive the growth of these important markets.