HiCzHiCz™ Monocrystalline Systems

Enabling the transition to higher efficiencies and lower costs than today’s batch CZ.

GT's HiCz™ monocrystalline furnace optimizes the production of p-type and n-type monocrystalline silicon based on proprietary continuously-fed growth technology. The HiCz™ furnace delivers significant improvements in cost, yield and quality over today’s batch CZ tools.

HiCz™ features  include:

  • Simultaneous feeding, growing, doping
  • High growth rates
  • “Unlimited” charge size
  • Stable hot zone and thermal conditions
  • p-type and n-type growth capability

HiCz™ key benefits:

  • Higher yield: more useable crystal per kg of silicon
  • Higher throughput: more useable crystal per hour
  • Uniform interstitial oxygen 
  • Higher and more uniform minority carrier lifetime
  • Uniform resistivity independent of dopant
  • Lower hot zone costs per kilogram of ingot