Filament Production System

Complete System that Manages Silicon Seed/Bridge Production

GT Advanced Technologies provides a complete system designed to close gaps and tightly manage silicon filament and bridge seed production, while increasing throughput rate. Easily configured, the Filament Production System supports leading polysilicon chemical vapor deposition (CVD) reactor technologies. Equipment components are engineered with a focus on operational efficiency to help shorten cycle times and lower overall process costs, minimizing total cost-per-filament produced.

Filament Production System Features and Benefits:

  • Designed to provide filaments and bridges in quantities to meet any size polysilicon plant.
  • Calculated process capacity is 120 percent of the nominal production capacity, which provides a high level of redundancy and contingency.
  • Configurable to produce any size filament and bridge.

Filament Production System Bundled Deliverables: 

  • Process flow diagrams
  • Proposed equipment layout
  • Process equipment - rod cropping saw, filament cutting saw with PLC control, bridge cutting saw, machine for bridge connection feature, machine for filament connection feature, optional annealing oven, and other proprietary equipment
  • Customized work holdings
  • Equipment manual
  • Safety procedures
  • Operational procedures
  • On-site technical support
  • On-site personnel training