DSS Upgrades

Crystalline Ingot Casting System Upgrades

GT Advanced Technologies is committed to delivering sustained value to customers. Customers who operate DSS™240, DSS™450, and DSS™450HP systems can easily upgrade their furnaces to take advantage of the improved throughput of the DSS™650. All DSS systems can also be upgraded to the DSS™450 MonoCast™ configuration. GT’s unmatched expertise in crystal growth processes, mechanical design, vacuum and high-pressure chambers, control system design, and crystal growth modeling, provide customers with a technologically advanced system. 

Key advantages include:

  • Upgrade from any DSS™ model
  • Utilizes industry standard Gen5 crucibles
  • Utilizes and optimizes downstream infrastructure
  • No need to build more factory space
  • Lowest cost path to increase capacity

As a leading provider of PV manufacturing technology and services with over 3,000 DSS systems in the field, GT Advanced Technologies delivers a low-risk ramp to volume production and a high return on investment.


DSS™ 450 MonoCast