Laser Damage Threshold Testing of Ti Sapphire AR Coating

The test results below come from one of the periodic tests that CSI performs on the AR coating that is used on HEM Ti:Sapphire Amplifier Crystals. These results are representative of the damage threshold that can be expected with our coatings. 

Test Sample

  • Test Type: laser damage threshold
  • Substrate Material: HEM Ti:Sapphire
  • Sample Size: 1" diameter
  • Coating Type: AR


Test Conditions

  • Test Wavelength: 532 nm
  • Angle of Incidence: 0º
  • Pulse Repetition Frequencies: 10 Hz
  • Polarization: linear
  • Test Beam Profile: TEM Pulsewidth, (FWHM): 10 ns Axial Modes: multiple S
  • Pit Diameter: 570 µm
  • Number of Sites: 80
  • Test Method: laser damage frequency
  • Exposure Duration: 200 shots/site

Test Results

  • Damage Definition: plasma, increased He-Ne scattering, visible damage as observed using a
    100X Nomarski Brightfield Microscope.
  • Description of Results: part irradiated at 13.00 Jcm-2 with no damage in 10 sites
  • Laser Damage Threshold: calculated at 14.16 Jcm-2 peak fluence
  • Testing provided by Spica Technologies Inc.