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GT Advanced Technologies Inc. is a leading diversified technology company producing advanced materials and innovative crystal growth equipment for various industries including the global  power electronics, solar and LED industries. Our technical innovations accelerate the use of advanced materials, enabling a new generation of products across this diversified set of global markets.

Our expanding foundation of products reflects our strategic commitment to invest in R&D in order to drive growth opportunities for the company. Today, leading manufacturers around the world rely on the proven performance and reliability of our products and the unmatched support provided by our global service professionals.

A Global Technology Leader

We leverage our core crystalline growth and materials expertise in silicon, silicon carbide and sapphire to deliver sustained value to our customers. Our innovative technologies and industry experience enable the evolution and commercialization of products that elevate performance, improve quality and lower manufacturing costs.


We deliver innovation: in our technology, our organization and our strategy. This drives our passion to deliver a steady stream of new products with greater performance and functionality that enable our customers to successfully compete in the markets they serve.


Our expertise is in crystalline growth technology, process engineering and manufacturing operations. Our world-class team of scientists and engineers has deep-domain experience in elevating advanced materials and equipment performance to increase capacity, quality and throughput while lowering operating costs. We have a successful track record of commercializing crystallization growth systems on a global scale to accelerate the ramp of our customers’ plants to volume production and have decades of experience as an advanced materials supplier.


From purchase to product lifecycle support, our operational excellence and service sophistication is unmatched. This means we can respond quickly and efficiently to customers so they can meet their business requirements with confidence and support them as their businesses grow.

Our Values

GT is a company driven in purpose and passion. Our core values are a part of our corporate fabric and impact everything we do. In addition to the knowledge in your area of expertise, success at GT comes from demonstrating the following values:

  • Collaboration:  We work cooperatively to achieve our business goals.  We bring out the best in ourselves and others by sharing our ideas and building on others’ ideas, and by providing encouragement and appreciation.
  • Bias for Action:  We are advocates for focusing on results. We employ strategies to exceed our targets, constantly realigning and adapting our activities to achieve our desired results.
  • Innovation:  We consistently generate original and well-considered ideas and alternatives to find better solutions that improve our processes/situations.
  • Emotional Intelligence:  We possess and apply self-awareness, self-control, drive, passion, empathy and social awareness.
  • Competency:  We are aware of our own strengths/weaknesses and manage them in a proactive and sensitive way.
  • Commitment:  We demonstrate passion, motivation and drive to meet and exceed our expectations and standards. 
  • Integrity:  We are champions for integrity, honesty and openness.
  • Customer Focused:  We support a customer-focused culture with an emphasis on listening to and proactively addressing the needs of our customers.