Our Core Values

We are committed to the highest standards of ethics and integrity in everything we do. This core value is woven throughout our interactions with other employees, our customers, our partners and suppliers, our investors, and the way in which we engage in our local community.


We deliver innovation: in our technology, our organization and our strategy. This drives our passion to deliver a steady stream of new products with greater performance and functionality that enable our customers to successfully compete in the markets they serve.


Our expertise is in crystalline growth technology, process engineering and manufacturing operations. Our world-class team of scientists and engineers has deep-domain experience in elevating equipment performance to increase capacity, quality and throughput while lowering operating costs. We have a successful track record of commercializing crystallization growth systems on a global scale to accelerate the ramp of our customers’ plants to volume production.


From purchase to product lifecycle support, our operational excellence and service sophistication is unmatched. This means we can respond quickly and efficiently to customers so they can meet their business requirements with confidence and support them as their businesses grow.